If you want to grow your fan base and make a living from – or even a part-time income from – your music…

If you want the satisfaction that comes from having an audience who appreciate your art…

You have to treat your music, your band, your art…as a BUSINESS.

In fact, if being a musician is your main source of income, you have to register as self employed in the UK. But whether it’s your main source of income or you want it to be, you ARE a business.

Even if you just want to play music and build a fan base and don’t care about making money – the most effective way is to treat your music like a business.

And that’s what Notts Music Network is here to support and help you with. The main way we do this is through the effective, easy to follow Music Strategy Programme.

We want to help you promote, market yourself, and grow your following.

A few previous client comments about Notts Music Network founder, Victor Taylor

Patrick Nelson

“… Victor is one of the most capable and professional people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Trustworthy, honest and impeccable in his approach. Introduce yourself to him – he could be one of the most valuable contacts you ever meet.”

Patrick Nelson
Claudia Ortiz-Fonseca

“… very generous and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants their online profile to be improved. It is important to make sure your website and whole online presence communicates professionalism and excellence. He ensures that happens.”

Claudia Ortiz-Fonseca
Steve Holmes

“… I simply cannot recommend Victor enough. I trust him. If you have a music business online, you need someone who can stick around to implement new ideas as the business evolves. Victor stands by you and solves any issue you have to confront, some of them very complex in my case.”

Steven Holmes

Victor and Notts Music Network will look after you, and are here to help take your music career, or music business, to a new level and beyond.

Victor Taylor - The Musician's Business Coach

Victor Taylor - cover art
The possible Artwork for Victor's work-in-progress Debut Album, Modus I

Victor Taylor is a musician who has spent many years as a web designer and working with a huge variety of business types, including several musician and band websites.

He began as a (penniless) visual artist, who also became a self-taught web designer in 2002 to make a living. Since then he's grown to really enjoy business, and has learned a LOT. From failures as much as successes.

With art, he enjoyed various mediums, like drawing, writing, and mixing experimental music. Never settling on any particular art medium. But then began to become absorbed by composing and producing music in 2015. It's now his main artistic passion and will be for the rest of his life.

Wanting to change career direction in 2016 he finally decided to become involved with musicians in his home town of Nottingham. To get involved with the local music scene and communities. To meet lots of music lovers and artists.

The idea was to both learn to grow as a musician by mingling with other artists and people in the music industry - and have some fun! - but also to find a way to help other musicians. And combine all this with a way of making a living. So 'Notts Music Network' was started...

Throughout 2017 he ran some regular musician meetup/networking, social jamming, and open mic events. Several ideas for helping musicians were tried out, and a lot was learned. Eventually the local music magazine, Notts Music Network Magazine (NMNM) launched in September 2017 - which has now become the rebranded MusicNotts.com.

Finally, with involvement and help from other musicians, Notts Music Network became more focussed. In March 2018, Victor decided on the core purpose of the business, which will help as many musicians as possible. It boils down to this quote from Victor:

"I want to show independent musicians how to progress with their music by helping them to market themselves well, and grow their following. I'll do this with an online Programme, and personal support. My help is based on my previous and ever-growing experience in (and love of) business, and also methodologies used by thousands of successful business entrepreneurs in today's world. And I'll pass on lessons learned as I begin to grow my own music following."