Iain Meyrick: Nottingham Music Makers Interview

Iain Meyrick

Part of a series of posts sharing insights into some of the people who go to the Nottingham Music Makers meetups. Say hello to Iain Meyrick.

How long have you been a musician?

30 years.

What instruments do you play?


What’s the main reason you go to the Music Makers Meetups?

Inspiration. Learning. Sense of belonging. Beer. Sharing of best practice. A welcome opportunity to support music at grass roots level. Networking.

What’s the best benefit you’ve gained from the meetups so far?

Inspiration. I find it difficult to practice my instrument on my own. I find playing with others more rewarding.

Is there anything you don’t like – or would change – about the meetups?

Time to start charging a fee for the benefits we all receive from NMM to help fund its ongoing growth.

What are you doing, or what do you want to do with your music?

Transition from semi professional to full time professional. I’ve just joined the Musicians Union to support this. I hope in partnership I can grow as a musician just as I hope NMM grows in its capability to support music.

Any other thoughts?

I believe music has a vital role to play in bringing people together which is essential considering the challenges the human race faces.

Find out more about Iain at sirgelly.wixsite.com/spanners