Independent Musicians Shouldn’t be Independent

Independent Musician Alone

Independent solo artists – and bands – can take the word ‘independent’ too literally.

To get ahead with your music, you know that just making and playing music isn’t enough. Various complementary skills are required, such as mixing and mastering, getting gigs, performance, your image, artwork, PR, online marketing, management, promotion…

Making a living, or even second income, from music at the moment is difficult enough, without trying to handle all these areas yourself.

A widely used term these days is ‘DIY Musician/Band’. But doing it yourself is pretty insane. Just like any successful business entrepreneur, you won’t get very far without a team.

  • A team on your side can free up your time for you to focus on what you do best…

    It doesn’t need to be a large team (or network of collaborators) to begin with… You could collaborate with a music producer friend, or maybe someone willing to talk to venues and get gigs for you, or ask people with other skills to help/support you for a share in any success you gain.

    If you have the resources, it could be worth paying people something when you need them. Form a network of paid and free people who become your ongoing, extended team…

    But put some thought into choosing your partners, helpers, collaborators… Don’t make any formal agreements until you know them well, and trust them.

    What kind of help could you use most of all at the moment? Start there.