Louis Antoniou

Louis Antoniou

A blend of alternative rock with a post modern blues approach.

Who’s in the band?

Louis Antoniou
Will Finnerty
Jamie Lawson
Manny O Donnell

Can you give a brief history of your music journey so far?

So it started off in Nottingham couple of years ago. I was really into my blues music at the time, like John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Memphis Slim and so on. I wanted to be a bluesy beatnick if you will, and all was going well. I formed a band, had a successful ep release and played some gigs and festivals. But I had to return to my hometown Watford.

Being in London on the music scene kind of made me think twice about the direction I was going in so I explored my love of alternative rock and kind of merged the two together. I’m still developing all the time and looking to incorporate my love of spoken word into my music. I’ve had a band in London now for about a year and we’ve not looked back since, been smashing the gig circuit and released some new material. We’re all loving it right now, this is just the start.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m looking to publish some of my poetry I have been writing which is focused around the 7 deadly sins in the modern day world.

Me and the boys have some big gigs lined up, some festivals booked too. I’m constantly writing so we’re planning a recording session too.



What hair product do you use?

It’s actually just humous.