Lynz Crichton

Lynz Crichton

Lynz Crichton is a feisty singer songwriter from Nottingham. If Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall had a lovechild, this would pretty much sum up Lynz’s musical style, with cheeky lyrics and harmonies, layered up with a looper pedal!

Can you give a brief history of your music journey so far?

I have played guitar and written songs since I was a little girl. It has always been in my veins but after 10 years of doing a ‘real’ job, I woke up one day and wondered just WHAT WAS I DOING?! I quit that very same day and decided to join ranks with a new wave of proudly independent musicpreneurs, just like Chance the Rapper, and Ray BLK who follow their dreams on their own terms.

I have played a wide variety of venues up and down the country and absolutely LOVE being a musician and I LOVE talking to fans, whether it be on Twitter, email, or in person! I say what I think, shrouded in poetry….. I create beats and rhythms which make the body move, and write ballads to connect us together.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on my second EP and a raft of collaborations with music artists around the world. The great thing with technology nowadays is that we can work together on projects despite living in different continents!

At the moment, I am working on a track, in which a musician in Australia has written the lyrics and plays guitar, and there’s also a rapper from the US, and me in the UK adding a touch of soulful female vocals! It is currently being mixed and mastered in the studio in the US where Mariah Carey recorded her infamous Christmas album!


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Where can people join in the Crichton Clan to find out about new music, gigs and updates?

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