Music Strategy Programme


Please note that not all applicants can be accepted.
Please be 100% honest and answer seriously. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions below. The questionnaire helps us to know if you are likely to benefit from our programme or not at the moment. Thanks.

What type of act are you?*

How would you rate your technical skill level at the moment?*
(You or your band as a whole.)
0 = Can't play.
10 = Highly skilled.

How would you rate your musicianship or artistry at the moment?*
(You or your band as a whole.)
0 = No talent.
10 = Pure artist.

For the business side of your music, which would suit you the most?*
Being given information/tips once - and doing everything myself.Being given information/guidance - and also being supported and coached.Letting most of it be managed and performed by someone else.Doing nothing, and letting it all be taken care of for me.

So that we can let you know the outcome of your application.