Music Strategy Programme
The Simple and Effective Success Guide for Independent Musicians and Bands
How to Build Your Fan Base, Vastly Improve Your Chances of Earning an Income from Music, and More…

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Selling music online is nearly impossible.
  • Little or no results from online promotion efforts.
  • Poor social media numbers and engagement.
  • Trouble finding committed band members.
  • Not being taken seriously as an artist or band.
  • Finding commercial clients for music is hard.
  • Getting paid for doing gigs is hard.
  • Difficulties filling venues.
  • A small or non-existent fan base.
  • Not making any income from music.
  • Promotion and marketing is hard.
  • Not knowing where to start!

Expand on this section with the problems people have and can relate to…
Make it all in first person.

What Many Independent Artists Deserve – But Aren’t Getting:

More Fans!

Learn a Clear, Concise Way Forward

See More and Better Results…
How would it be if your promotional efforts showed increasingly great results, and your fan base was continually growing?

Improve Your Chances of Getting Paid Gigs…
What if it became a lot easier to get gigs where you get paid, and play to fuller venues?

Techniques for Other Kinds of Musician Too…
These methods are also as effective for Freelance Composers, Home Studio Artists, or Any Independent Musician/Band/Group…

Effective marketing and promotion – although not coming naturally to many artists – can be a lot easier than you think, once you have some powerful strategies and techniques, and are willing to take the steps necessary to put them into effect.

A Powerful Step by Step Method

Steps to Music SuccessThere is no clear route to success. And what you call success, is different to what someone else might call success.

The Music Strategy Programme (from Notts Music Network) can’t guarantee you a path to mega stardom – but what it will do is give you:

“An effective, realistic method for vastly increasing your potential for making money, growing your fan base, getting paid gigs if you’re a live act, and making real progress with your music.”

Many independent artists and bands are happy aiming to just be able to do more of what they love. The Music Strategy Programme can definitely help if that sounds like you.

If you’re aiming for mega-stardom – in the current music world, your best chance of getting ahead is to first build a strong following, and get professional with your whole game. The Music Strategy Programme can definitely help you with both of those.

Those two things along with talent and artistry, are the foundations of any successful independent act (apart from the rare exceptions). The Music Strategy Programme will help you with building your fan base, improving your professionalism, and learning powerful marketing strategies. The talent and artistry bits are up to you!

What the Music Strategy Programme Gives You

This is A LOT MORE than a one-time learning guide…

The Music Strategy Programme itself has 5 stages that lead you through a solid method to help you progress with your music – but more than that:

Each Stage of the Programme, and the topic it covers, also has its own, continually evolving Knowledge Base and Library of Quality Resources

AND – additional topics found within the Stages have their own Knowledge Base and Resource Librarys (for example – high caliber information, advice and resources for email marketing & list building, music distribution, and more).

These are all continually being added to, and continually updated to remain current.

You just need to choose the MSP+ Option when you make your order – and you’ll have ongoing access to the ever-growing Knowledge & Resource Centre for only £3.99/month.

And the Programme itself includes…

Help establishing a solid foundation for your marketing and promotion.
Clear and simple guides. You don’t need to be a business guru – the Programme is laid out as a simple process to follow.
Plenty of practical information and advice that can actually be used in the real world.
Save the time trawling for advice and various conflicting tips or methods online. Have one, reliable collection of music marketing support in one place.
Pay once – but get endless access to updates and additions to the Programme, and new, extra resources added over time. Incredible value.
3 months of access to all the Knowledge and Resource Centres. (You can can choose to have ongoing access after the 3 months at just £3.99/month.)

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100% Refund if you decide it’s not for you for up to 48 hours.

Get Immediate Access

  • Lifetime Access to all Five Stages of the Programme, which you you can go through at your own pace.
  • Free access to any future updated versions of the Programme.
  • 6 months FREE access to the new and continually growing Knowledge & Resource Centre*


*If you order the Music Strategy Programme, and then wish to have ongoing access to the Knowledge & Resource Centre after your FREE 6 months, you can choose to subscribe for ongoing access at just £9.99 per 6 months. You will still have lifetime access to the Music Strategy Programme with no extra charge for that.