Music Strategy Programme
The Simple and Effective Success Guide for Independent Musicians and Bands
How to Build Your Fan Base, Vastly Improve Your Chances of Earning an Income from Music, and More…

Any of These Sound Familiar?

“Selling music online is nearly impossible.”
“I’d like to up my game and start making commercial progress with music.”
“There’s too much competition from other acts in music. How do I find a way through?”
“Not being taken seriously as an artist or band.”
“Poor social media numbers and engagement.”
“It’s a struggle finding paid gigs, or filling venues.”
“Promotion and marketing is hard.”
“A small or non-existent fan base.”
“Not making any income from music.”
“Getting little or no results from online promotion.”
“Disheartened by the trend of Subscription-based Streaming like Spotify etc.”
“Not knowing where to start!”
More Recognition.
More Fans.
More Potential for Income.

Learn a Clear, Concise Way Forward

Note that the Music Strategy Programme is NOT a golden ticket. It does NOT guarantee your success. But it is:

An in-depth, easy for ANYONE to follow and act upon, programme of methods, advice, effective strategies, and resources.
Designed to aid you in your music journey with the vital business side of things. Helping you to be your own best manager (until, and even after, you have a third-party manager or label if that’s your aim).
A growing, evolving, one-stop resource of non-conflicting information, to act as an ongoing companion for you, and save you lots of time.
A handy resource of practical ways to gain increasingly great results, a continually growing fan base, and insights into making income with your music.

Effective marketing and promotion – although not coming naturally to many artists – can be a lot easier than you think, once you have some powerful strategies and techniques, and are willing to take the steps necessary to put them into effect.

An effective, realistic method for vastly increasing your potential to make real progress with your music

‘Success’ means different things to different people. Many independent artists and bands are happy aiming to just be able to do more of what they loveor maybe make a living from music if they can. The Music Strategy Programme can definitely help and support your efforts if that sounds like you.

If you’re aiming for stardom and riches – in the current music world, your best chance of getting ahead is to first build a strong following, and get professional with your whole game. The Music Strategy Programme can definitely help you with both of those.

However you define success, building a strong following, and having a professional, businesslike approach, are the best foundations for any successful independent act – along with making great music.

The Music Strategy Programme will help you with building your loyal fan base, improving your professionalism, and learning powerful marketing strategies. The ‘making great music’ bit is up to you!

A Powerful Step by Step Process

Stages to SuccessThe Stages of the Programme (backed up and supported by the growing Resources Area) take you through a process that won’t fail to change the whole game for you.

Especially if you’re just starting out. Or even if you’ve been around for a long time but could use some help in the modern, changing, uncertain times…

The Programme guides you through this logical sequence of Stages, which also include suggested Action Steps to take throughout the material.

Foundations First…
Stages 1 and 2 (‘Identity’ and ‘Profile’) are mostly about laying down the vital groundwork in preparation for the following Stages. This all provides a solid foundation that will be important when you move on to promotion and marketing techniques and strategies.

Followed by getting some ideas and possibilities together…
Stage 3 (‘Assets’) looks at various ideas and methods for generating income. This is further preparation, and helps you gather a number of ideas and potential routes to generating income.

And then getting down to business…
Stage 4 (‘Methods’) is where you make use of the preparation you did in the first 3 Stages. You’ll look at a growing number of effective strategies and ways of doing things, that can also be built upon, and developed more and more after you complete the Programme.

What the Music Strategy Programme Gives You

This is A LOT MORE than a one-time learning guide…

The Music Strategy Programme itself has 4 stages leading you through a process of solid methods and information that anyone can follow – to help you progress with your music.
But more than that…

Programme Screenshot1. Updates to the Programme:

– The general process and content of the Programme will remain the same, but it is being refined over time.

– Extra strategies, methods and valuable information is occasionally being added to enhance the whole Programme.

– In this way it will remain current, and continue to evolve into the best guide it can possibly be, to help you in your music journey.

2. The Resources Area:

Resources Area

– The Programme is also supported by a Resources Area – to expand upon, clarify, and provide more in-depth learning for certain parts of the Programme’s material.

– This is also being added to continuously with quality (rather than quantity) and practical resources, guides, information, links and more.

– All the material in the Resources Area is kept updated and current.

The Music Strategy Programme includes…

Help establishing a solid foundation for your marketing and promotion.
Clear and simple guides. You don’t need to be a business guru – the Programme is laid out as a simple process to follow.
Plenty of practical information and advice that can actually be used in the real world.
Save the time trawling for advice and various conflicting tips or methods online. Have one, reliable collection of music marketing support in one place.
Help to improve, enhance and empower your website to support your music strategies.
The 2 most important tools in your marketing arsenal – and how to use them effectively.
Putting together a killer Electronic Press Kit. Also creating a perfect and impressive One Sheet.
Consistently building and nurturing a strong fan base.
Marketing strategies that work. Go beyond social media and get into powerful marketing and promotion techniques used by successful marketers.
How to get past the lack of income made from streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Soundcloud etc.
Learn about various routes to making money – and productising your music and things related to your music.
Building a large mailing list, and using solid email marketing methods, for real growth and results.
A detailed and highly effective procedure for launcing your albums/EPs – pre-launch and post-launch.
How to get great press and media coverage.
And the Resources Area: A growing resource of quality and practical resources that expand upon the material in the Programme and also include additional learning, information, guides…
And more… PLUS – the Programme, and Resources Area, are being added to with more detailed material, more strategies, more ideas, and more resources on an ongoing basis.

About the Creator of the Programme

Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor

Victor Taylor is an independent musician who is also a businessman. For 16 years he has been involved in web/online services, and currently he runs a music magazine for his home county of Nottinghamshire in the UK ( He has learned a lot from his love of business – and also from interactions with a large number of other business owners and successful entrepreneurs.

There are many independent artists and bands who, while being brilliant musicians, don’t have the business know-how or experience to advance their music in an effective way. With a little guidance, knowledge, and the willingness to put some time into it, Victor believes that anyone can market themselves well.

His own output as an independent artist is just beginning. Currently working on his debut EPs, he is drawing upon his extensive experience in business, in particular online based business, to supercharge his own potential for making an income from his music. But more than that: to ensure a growing fan base, to reach people with his art, and get that recognition and response that most artists crave.

So he has devised a surefire strategy (which will also be continually refined and improved upon), and continues to deepen his knowledge and methods for success as an independent act. As he makes his own journey in music, he wants to share his strategies and findings with lots of other artists. And to make supporting independent artists and bands with the business side of things his career alongside his music – by way of the Music Strategy Programme, and other support from his business: Notts Music Network.

“… Victor is one of the most capable and professional people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Trustworthy, honest and impeccable in his approach. Introduce yourself to him – he could be one of the most valuable contacts you ever meet.”

~ Patrick Nelson

“… very generous and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants their online profile to be improved. It is important to make sure your website and whole online presence communicates professionalism and excellence. He ensures that happens.”

~ Claudia Ortiz-Fonseca

“… I simply cannot recommend Victor enough. I trust him. If you have a music business online, you need someone who can stick around to implement new ideas as the business evolves. Victor stands by you and solves any issue you have to confront, some of them very complex in my case.”

~ Steven Holmes


Q. I’ve tried courses and guides before that haven’t worked. How is this any different?
A. Firstly, this Programme is pretty unique in its approach of continually evolving and adapting. Unlike an online course or guide that is a set collection of information etc. this Programme (along with its supporting Resources Area) is continually growing and being updated; increasing in value and its ability to address your particular struggles. It also adapts according to the highly valued feedback from the other independent artists who use it.

Also: It doesn’t spill out mainly commonplace tips such as ‘Get a Facebook Page’ or ‘Send your music to as many places as possible’. It is an in-depth yet simple to follow process of high caliber advice, based on techniques and strategies used by successful business people and entrepreneurs, adapted for the independent musician/band in the modern music industry and playing field.

Q. Why should I trust the creator of this Programme to be able to help?
A.  Victor Taylor is an independent musician himself, who understands your struggles. He also has a strong business background – and currently runs a quality music magazine in his home city, which keeps him in touch with a wide variety of up and coming musicians and bands, and industry professionals, giving him many insights. Also, as he begins his own journey as an independent artist he will use the exact same strategies in the Programme himself, for his own personal benefit!

Q. I’m not much of a business person, and don’t really understand this sort of thing. Can it still help me?
A. Yes. The Programme is laid out roughly in a step-by-step process. It’s written in down-to-earth language and is easy for anyone to follow, even if you don’t have a business background. If anything in the Programme is unclear, you can get free support by email.

Q. Can I get a refund after buying the Programme?
A. Yes. A 100% Refund is available. Details below.

Q. I just want to create and perform music, and don’t want to have to do the business/marketing side of things. Can this Programme be of any use to me?
A. It depends… If you’re fine just creating and playing music and don’t have any ambition to take it further or put effort into building a fan base, this Programme won’t be of any use to you really. If you do want to progress your music, grow a larger fan base and more, the Programme does need you (or someone involved or associated with your act, or someone you find or hire) to learn this stuff as an essential part of your success. And the Programme is definitely very useful to anyone who uses it, even if that’s not you personally…

Risk Free

MSP Guarantee100% Refund Available

Go through the Programme in your own time, which includes ongoing free updates & additions to the Programme and its Resources Area.

“You will gain a much improved understanding of how to market yourself, position yourself as a professional artist or band, continually grow your fan base, and also learn practical knowledge, ideas and methods for earning money from your music. You will become a better manager of the vital business side of your music as an independent artist or band.”

If at any point – after giving it some reasonable time – you decide you haven’t gained the above, or that it’s not working for you, contact (or our contact info is readily available via the Programme), show us you actually took steps to follow the material and complete the Programme’s ‘Action Steps’, and we’ll issue a prompt and FULL refund.

Get Immediate Access by Taking ACTION

6 Months Access to all four Stages of the Programme, to give you plenty of time to go through things at your own pace.
6 Months Access to the continually growing Resources Area.
Also, because the Programme is being refined over time, benefit from more strategies and advice as additional, quality material is added to the Programme.
Continued access after 6 months if required, to the evolving Programme and growing resources, for only £2.49 per month.

This is great timing for you!
The Programme is a complete process and guide for you. However, more material and content is being continually added, and before long, the price will increase, and make the normal cost of the Programme £127.95 (possibly more). But for a limited time, because you’re an early member (and your feedback, if you give any, will be useful in perfecting the Programme), you can save £70 and get access for the special ‘early bird’ 55% Discount price of just

Your payment is for 6 months access to both the Music Strategy Programme and its growing Resources Area. After 6 months, continued access to the continually evolving and growing Programme and Resources is just £2.49 per month. You can easily cancel your membership at any time. If cancelling during your first 6 months, you will still have full access to everything until the 6 months are over.

MSP from NMN

Disclaimer: The information in the Music Strategy Programme and its supporting Resources Area (“MSP+RA”) is general in nature. It does not take into account your specific circumstances, current situation or future goals and objectives. Nor does it take into account your ability to understand, digest and and take action on the advice and suggestions provided in the MSP+RA. Whilst all effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of the material in the MSP+RA, the creator (Victor Taylor, trading as Notts Music Network) cannot offer any undertaking or guarantee, either expressly or implicitly, including liability towards third parties, regarding how correct, complete, up to date, or effective for the buyer the material in the MSP+RA will be. Notts Music Network accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the use of the MSP+RA or reliance on the content and material within the MSP+RA.

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