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NMN is turning into something…

Firstly, our services have been whittled down again as we find our feet – and the website has been renovated a bit.

Shop Dropped: Following a lack of interest, and more research into the matter, the Notts Music Shop has been closed for now. We want to provide useful services for musicians and music lovers, but there doesn’t seem to be a need for a local online platform for buying/selling music with so many major streaming and download platforms available.

Delayed Tube: Also, it’s been decided that the NMN YouTube Channel – although it will remain online and bring great content in the near future – will not be a large part of what NMN is doing, for the time being.

What NMN is turning into

The aim now, is to grow a website dedicated to:

  1. Promoting music events of all kinds, happening in and around Nottinghamshire.
  2. Bringing you music related news about what’s happening around Notts.
  3. Still providing information about music acts and all kinds of music related entities (and networking opportunities through the site) via our NMN FREE Membership.

Then seeing how this all develops; adding extra services or resources as we go, depending on what we discover the music people and music lovers of Notts find useful, and entertaining.

In other words, NMN is turning into a magazine-like platform, strictly focussed on Music in Notts

There are other great media offerings, or departments/sections of publications for this kind of thing in Notts already, of course, but NMN will bring its own blend, personality and style – and exclusive content for you.