Please contact us first to let us know you’d like to do a DIY video interview to be promoted.

Self Shot Video for music promotion Nottinghamshire

An effective way to promote your music locally

Create your own DIY Video Interview for MusicNotts magazine and our YouTube Channel.

As well as your interview being published in the mag (which will also be available into the future in the Archives of the mag) your video will be broadcast on our YouTube Channel, where it will stay for anyone to discover.

Example filmed by Cadence Noir

(old style intro “NMNM” added by us)

Example filmed by The Happy Somethings

(old style intro “Notts Music Network” added by us)

How to do a Self-shot Video Interview

1. Your Overview

This will be a block of text on your page in the mag.
Please write a paragraph or two, and say:

  • who you are
  • band members and what they play (if you’re a band!)
  • where you’re from
  • how long you’ve been going for, and
  • add links to your websites, social media etc.
  • Also (if you want to) include a link to one of your music videos, which can be included as an extra video in the mag.

2. Your Video

Be as creative as you like!

  • If you want to, it would be great if you could perform some of your music as part of the interview…or edit in a clip from a live or recorded performance/video.
  • Film at any location, and in any way you see fit – to make sure your personality or style/brand comes across.
  • The ideal length (partly to help with search engine marketing) is now known to be between 10-15 minutes. It’s up to you though, but please keep it below 15 minutes.

Here are some guide questions to ask yourselves, and answer in the video – in any order:

  • How would you describe your music?
  • How did you get started, and what have you done so far?
  • What are you working on at the moment?
  • Do you have plans or desires for the future?
  • Where can people see, hear and learn more?
  • (optional) Ask/answer any other questions you wish we’d asked. And/or plug anything you want to.

When you’re finished – send your Overview text, and your MP4 video to
Or use this email address to ask for help sending the video if you need to.