Music Strategy Programme

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It is sincerely hoped that you get a lot of benefit out of going through this Programme, whatever you’re doing right now in music, or whatever you want to do with your music.

Some parts might not be anything new to you, but on the whole, there should be a lot of value for you. We welcome feedback if you think any part of the Programme could be improved or added to.

First Thing to Remember:
This is an Evolving Programme!

Rather than a static, one-time tutorial or guide, this Programme can be viewed as a living, breathing thing.

The general process, the basic content, and the Stages you go through will stay pretty much the same. But the content will be evolving. Parts will be gradually expanded upon over the coming months, or added to with additional material, until it’s as brilliant and as easy to implement a strategy programme as possible, to help independent artists get on top of the business side of their music.

With this approach, and with the continually growing Resources Area backing up the Programme, it’s all a valuable companion for you in your music journey. You can go back to the Programme at any time and refresh your memory – or to learn additional techniques and strategies that may have been added.

Second Thing to Remember:
The Programme is not something that can be rushed through.

There’s a good chance you are keen to speed through it and get your music adventures progressing more, as quickly as you can. But please take your time, and go through things steadily.

Following the Programme can greatly increase the speed at which things happen for you anyway. So be patient – absorb the information, follow the guidance, and perform the Action Steps properly. There’s plenty of time!

The Stages

  • The first 3 Stages are about ensuring a strong foundation for your music as a business, and making sure you have things in place and are prepared for Stage 4.
  • Stage 4 is the most in-depth (and growing) Stage, and is about powerful strategies, and practical methods for marketing and promotion.

Foundations First…

Stages 1 and 2 (‘Identity’ and ‘Profile’) are mostly about laying down the vital groundwork in preparation for Stage 4. This all provides a solid foundation that will be important when you move on to promotion and marketing techniques and strategies.

Followed by looking at ideas and possibilities…

Stage 3 (‘Assets’) looks at various ideas and methods for generating income. This is further preparation, and helps you gather a number of ideas and potential routes to generating income.

And then getting down to business…

Stage 4 (‘Methods’) is where you make use of the preparation you did in the first 3 Stages. You’ll look at a growing number of effective strategies and ways of doing things, that can also be built upon, and developed more and more after you complete the Programme.

The Extra Resources

To support the material in the Programme itself, you also have the growing Resources Area. This is still new, but continually being added to, and continually updated to remain current. The Resources Area will gradually include more articles, links, guides… – all to support your music strategy.

Remember: Being an independent act doesn’t mean you should be independent!

Independent solo artists – and bands – can take the word ‘independent’ too literally.

To get ahead with your music, you know that just making and playing music isn’t enough. Various complementary skills are required, such as mixing and mastering, getting gigs, tour management, performance, your image, artwork, PR, online marketing, promotion…

Making a living, or even second income, from music is difficult enough, without trying to handle all these areas yourself.

A widely used term these days is ‘DIY Musician/Band’. But doing it yourself is pretty insane. Just like any successful business entrepreneur, you’ll only get so far without a team.

A team on your side can free up your time for you to focus on what you do best…

It doesn’t need to be a large team (or network of collaborators) to begin with… You could collaborate with a music producer friend, or maybe someone willing to talk to venues and get gigs for you, or ask people with other skills to help/support you for a share in any success you gain.

If you have the resources, it could be worth paying people something when you need them. Form a network of paid and free people who become your ongoing, extended team…

But put some thought into choosing your partners, helpers, collaborators… Don’t make any formal agreements until you know them well, and trust them.

As you go through this Music Strategy Programme, remember that you don’t need to try and do everything yourself. Know your strengths and your weaknesses, and leverage the help of other people where they are able to do certain things better than you.