This Stage is all about preparing and polishing the way you come across to people – before we start marketing properly in later stages.

When people are interested in finding out more about you, thanks to your marketing or other means, it’s best to be prepared – to wow them when they find your material rather than turning them off.

‘Profile’ in this Stage refers to how you appear publicly… Not your degree or level of exposure, but how you are portrayed.

The key aim is to make sure that you come across well in any situation – rather than risking seeming amateurish, uninspiring, confusing or forgettable. Once someone has made up their mind about you, it’s very hard to win them back.

Even if your Identity involves being rebellious, you should do it with a business mentality.

Your success is NOT just about the music itself.

Your profile – online, offline, and in its various forms and facets – can either make people want more of you – or want less of you!

From now on (if not already) your interviews, videos, graphics, extra content, promotions, marketing material, gig information… EVERYTHING should ALL be:

  • Consistent!
  • In accordance with your Identity/Brand!
  • Up to date!

And you can’t be slack with your Electronic Press Kit (or ‘EPK’…more about your EPK, including help with it, later in this Stage of the Programme).

You may feel that it’s a lot of time and effort to keep on top of these things… But having some simple systems, and doing small amounts of consistent maintenance is all that’s necessary once the basics are in place. And it will be more than worth it.

Also remember that your profile isn’t just about how you are seen, it’s also about how you behave… Always treat other acts, your fans, peers and professionals with respect. Your reputation, and what other people say about you, is important and can have major influence on your success, negatively or positively.

In this second Stage, you’ll be:

  1. Cleaning up and removing any online content that may be doing you more harm than good.
  2. Enhancing and optimising your online profile as a whole.
  3. Addressing other aspects of your Profile, online and offline.