Musician? How to get help with whatever you may be struggling with in your music career…

Help for struggling musicians

Many musician’s we’ve met and spoken with over the past 15 months or so have something or other they are struggling with.

It might be getting gigs; promotion; using home mixing/production software; pre-performance nerves; online distribution (Spotify etc.); marketing; finding the right band members…or other problems that get in the way while musicians and bands follow their passion.

These issues can be helped of course, with some knowledge or guidance.

Musicians get past these things in various ways.
Some get regular gigs. Some promote and market well. Some learn enough to mix and master their music to a decent standard. Some have no qualms about jumping on stage. Some easily release their tracks, EPs and albums on all the major online platforms and more. Some have found the perfect band members…

Notts Music Network is now aiming to become a hub of help, support, guidance and resources for musicians. Helping with specific problems, in practical and results-focussed ways.

We’ll be helping with all of the things mentioned above, and more.

While we prepare our website’s Membership Area for you (where all the help will be, and added to regularly) you could help us to focus on the most pressing areas of support needed…

Let us know where you could use some help: