About Musician Roadmap

Musician Roadmap

Musician Roadmap is a free service from Notts Music Network.

It is being prepared right now and more info will be here soon.

Helping independent musicians and bands with their marketing strategies and the general business side of being an independent act.

If you want to grow your fan base and make a living from – or even a part-time income from – your music…

If you want the satisfaction that comes from having an audience who appreciate your art…

You have to treat your music, your band, your art…as a BUSINESS.

In fact, if being a musician is your main source of income, it’s usual, depending on your country, to have to register as self employed. But whether it’s your main source of income or you want it to be, you ARE a business.

Even if you just want to play music and build a fan base and don’t care about making money – the most effective way is to treat your music like a business.

And that’s what Musician Roadmap helps and supports you with.

We want to help you promote, market yourself, and grow your following.