NMNM – The Magazine is Here

NMNM Issue 1

Today’s a big day for Notts Music Network… The launch of the magazine, “NMNM” as the first issue is published! Get your copy here.

It’s a quiet launch… There was no large promotion campaign leading up to the first issue – only normal mentions on social networks. This is because it was decided to publish the first one first before shouting about it to the world (well, Nottinghamshire).

From here, it’s hoped we can show an actual copy of the mag to people who might become involved, or help support the mag in various ways. It’s also now available to new subscribers and they can always get a current copy straight away without waiting.

Each issue will be published around the end of the month, in time for the following month. There are lots of ideas for features and content on the boil, to start introducing as the mag begins to evolve – and feedback from subscribers will always be listened to, to help make sure you’ll enjoy and look forward to each issue.

It will also always be FREE to subscribe to, and Notts Music Network members will automatically get a copy.

There may be a physical, printed version at some point in the future, but that’s unlikely because we like the digital format, where subscribers get to watch videos within its pages, and go straight through to the websites/music of bands, and so on. Also, of course, access to the mag is so convenient for everyone, and is viewable on any device.

NMNM! Out now, at a computer near you!

Website Members – Go to this month’s issue now