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A Brief History of The Bodega

By Alexandra Keene

It is safe to say that Nottingham has some of the best music venues around. Renowned hotspots like Rock City clearly deserve a big mention, but smaller clubs packed with the history of the city are no less important.

The Bodega well and truly falls into this category: a small building on the outskirts of Hockley that has housed some of music’s greats.

The venue officially opened in 1970 and established its self as another of Nottingham’s bars and pubs.

It was not until almost twenty years later that live music came to the club. Despite this, its reputation for top class live music and an excellent night out grew rapidly. In the space of only a few years, the best up-and-comers in the music business were stopping off to play at the site.

The Bodega’s first recorded event was held just shy of two decades ago when Shack hit the stage all the way back in 1999. Since then, this venue has been home to many talents on their way to making it big. A year after The Bodega’s first live event, Coldplay traveled from their London base to take centre stage. The White Stripes quickly followed with a performance in 2001 and almost ten years later Dog Is Dead stopped by to show that the site continued to be the place to be for up-and-coming alternative artists. There is no doubt the history of The Bodega is littered with big names.

The notability of The Bodega has not gone unnoticed over the years: they have even been recognised by The Best Bar None Awards with a Best Medium Bar award in 2011 and Ents24 established them as the number one grassroots venue in the midlands in 2016.

Over its now long history, The Bodega has placed itself firmly in the realm of being one of the best at what it does, and it seems nobody is trying to dispute this.

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