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Review: The Long Islands – After Hours

The Long Islands - After HoursAfter Hours, an EP from three-piece alternative band The Long Islands, has arrived. The album contains 6 songs and kicks off with an introduction – a nice touch if you ask me. Whatever your take on them, this one left me excited to see what the rest of the collection had to offer.

There is no doubt that this group (praised in NME magazine not too long ago) cares for their instrumentals. From the beginning of the first song in this collection, it is clear many hours of effort have gone into ensuring the musical backing for every song has been meticulously practiced and finetuned. In the entire EP, there is no better example of this than second song SoCo.

Oceans, the album’s fourth track, was a welcome change in pace. In all of the impressive instrumentals making up this EP, it began to feel to me as though the lyrics had been somewhat lost. Forgotten almost. For that reason, a tune that focused far more on the artist’s voices was needed quickly. Oceans provided that. Whilst it has to be said that some of the lyrics in this collection fall by the wayside, the band’s choice to include a piece of music with so much lyrical influence does very positive things for the album as a whole.

The alternative influence shines through every song in this album. Thanks to this and the variety of styles on show there wasn’t a moment when this collection stopped being interesting. It’s not perfect, but in my opinion a lot can be said for bands simply making you want to come back and listen to their release all over again another day. And if we’re judging by that category, it definitely scored well.

By Alexandra Keene

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