Fan Club Festive Gig

Dec 2 2017. Review and Pictures by Gav Squires.

For their final event of the year, Fan Club bring four bands to Rough Trade to celebrate their festive party.



First up are Nottingham’s own Dacodac, a four-piece indie band playing their first show. They get into the spirit of things with a spirited cover of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree but they bring things back down with the next song, Walkin’ On The Sun.

They pick things back up with their final song as they conclude a short set. The cliché is that you should leave your audience wanting more, well I can’t wait until Dacodac write more tunes as this was an excellent live debut.



Velodrome open with His Physique, set to be the debut single, due for release in February. I’ve seen quite a few acts play live guitar over a drum machine but this is the first time I’ve seen someone play live drums over a laptop playing a pre-recorded backing track.

It’s especially impressive as this is the first time that Katherine has played the drums live. There’s a slightly lo-fi, DIY pop sound, which recalls someone like Euros Child, especially on the tracks where Katherine plays guitar.

The Christmas cover is a slightly under-rehearsed Jingle Bell Rock but it’s impossible to be upset at any song that features a kazoo. The set closing Workhorse has more of an 80’s electropop sound and features the lyrics, “find me on the fire escape, doing my yoga”, I think we’ve all had a job like that.



Next up are Manchester’s Liines, one of those bands that are the curse of autocorrect. They have that great post punk sound – minimal guitar solos, all riffs, loads of floor tom and a driving bass sound.

There are elements of that mid-00’s revival, bits of Editors and they are all wearing black like Interpol. On songs like There’s Nothing In My Life For You and I Never Wanted This, it feels like a massive understatement to say that singer Zoe wears her heart on her sleeve, this feels like a genuine emotion so rarely glimpsed from bands. For their Christmas track, they play Lonely This Christmas and they really make it their own.

Dream Nails

Dream Nails

Headlining are Dream Nails, punky poppy music infused with righteous feminist anger.

Vagina Peace, set to be a single in the new year, is all about reproductive rights while You Are Not Your Job is more prosaically about having to work a rubbish office job – “You are not your job, work is not your life. You are not what you do in order to survive.” It finishes with the repeated coda “kind regards”, I’m sure we’ve all sent that email before (and the more passive-aggressive “regards”).

An early set highlight is Do It Yourself, which is the sound of the Spice Girls if they’d learned how to play guitar, bass and drums.

After a song about Mercury being in retrograde, there’s a more pertinent song about “two blue ticks”, pleading “don’t make me double text you.” I feel a little uncomfortable during the barbed Cookies – “Cookies for you. You like my status. Cookies for you. You’re not a rapist.” Not because of anything I’ve done but because of my ignorance that such men exist. I’m also aware that as a white, straight, cis-male, I don’t understand the situations described in the song Tourist, but this just makes it a crucial reminder that I need to check my privilege.

For their Christmas cover, they choose Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses and they really bring out that band’s early Akron punk roots.

They then finish their set with Deep Heat, a song about getting very painful revenge on misogynistic politicians, which simultaneously brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. It’s been an amazing set, full of energetic, thought provoking, witty and angry songs – a perfect cocktail.

Then it’s time for glitter, mulled cider and dancing!

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