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Notts Music Probe – The Medea Project

Interviewer: Adam Humphreys

Brett, Pauline and Bradley, the trio who embrace all things dark, gothic and rock metal in the music scene, as well as the darker side of human nature. Including doom. The Medea Project have been performing for fifteen years, the last couple of those here in Nottingham bringing the taste of goth/death rock to the venues of Nottingham.

Their music comes from influences such as Bloody Hammers, Tiamat and Lake of Tears. Medea Project’s songs live up to the hype of who they are as a band and what they are about. For your listening pleasure try Babylon, G.E.O.f.F and Gloam MMXVII and let’s see what you think.

Who are you (band members)?

Brett – Guitar & Vocals
Bradley aka Bob – Bass
Pauline – Drums

How did you get together?

Brett and Pauline played in metal bands in South Africa. After moving to the UK, Pauline moved onto drums and Brett onto guitar, we jammed together for a while, then decided to make a go of it and recruited a friend on bass, wrote some songs and then took the result onto the stage.

The Medea Project

What influences your style of music?

How long is a piece of string and what is yellow? The darker side of human nature, mythology and primal groove. Musically we’re a jam band, the whole vibe comes from that bit of magic that happens organically in the band room. This is how we write, and the key bit that always comes through is a dark undertone.

Describe The Medea Project in five words

Brash. Tribal. Rhythmic. Non-Ecludian. Dark.

On a scale of 1-10, how rock are you?


Story behind band’s name?

The name comes from Medea in Greek Mythology, wife of Jason and Priestess of Hecate, her story there is an exercise for the reader.

Describe a Medea Project gig to the NMNM readers?

As one of our fans once said “never witnessed a band that made me want to drink red wine with Lord Byron (kiddies, ask yer parents) and then slaughter a goat , absolutely marvellous!”. We are exactly not quite what you expect. Possibly as Adam’s said, A refreshing slice of lemon, wrapped around a gold brick applied directly to the forehead.

Have you played in Nottingham/Nottinghamshire before?

Played a few shows in and around the city, mostly at the seedier metal establishments that serve Mr Daniel’s finest soups. Most recently we played at the Chameleon on one of Torturous Promotions bills. Phil is a really great promoter to work with (one of the best in two continents) and his line-ups are incredibly complimentary.

Any venue you particularly enjoyed playing at?

To be fair, it’s wherever there is a good crowd. Some venues, each of us personally have a special attachment to, but at the end of the day a venue is just a place, with a pa and something that functions as a stage, however it’s that interaction between band and crowd that makes it so memorable.

The Medea Project

Have you played further afield yet?

We started in South Africa, so that’s 9500 miles or so away. Since the band re-formed in the UK though we’ve played as far afield as Herne Bay on the Kent coast and have our first Scottish show booked in for Halloween. Have had a few shows in London as well and are back down in Kent on the 26th of May for the Red Roar Festival, that should be a cracker.

Has your music been played on The Beat or any other radio station yet?

No local stations but we have been played on La Rocks Radio, Metal Devastation Radio and featured in podcasts local and as far afield as Peru

Lastly where can fans listen to your music?

Preferably live and loud, but failing that we’re on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, ReverbNation, Bandcamp… actually most of the digital platforms. We even have physical, yes, physical media that we exchange for various forms of local currency. If you need guidance however start at https://medeaproject.com all the links are on there.

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