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Snapshot – Rolling People

“Each member brings their unique style of playing to the band, and our individual music tastes come through in our songs. Cian’s singing style is influenced by bands such as Oasis and Kasabian, whilst the rhythm section from Jay and Josh bring a tight Arctic Monkeys vibe to the party, whilst the lead guitar work of Eddie gels it all together with a 60’s rolling stones blues vibe with a touch of Hendrix when he can get away with it!”

Band members:

Cian Smith – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Welham – Lead Guitar
Josh Purnell – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jay Crossman – Drums and Percussion


Like any modern band, it was started with two likely lads (Cian and Josh) making noise in their parents’ garage. After a few shows and line-up changes Rolling People might have been another “what if??” band, lost in nostalgic photos and hazy beer memories! However, with Eddie joining in February 2018 and Jay only a few weeks later the line-up and is back and louder than ever, and like all good fairy tales this story is destined to have a happy ending!

Working On:

After a run of successful shows, we are looking forward to working with ‘The Animal Farm – Artist Management & Record Producers’ in recording our long-awaited debut single and four track EP. We will be in the studio for the end of August and have a year long release schedule already scheduled in.

Between studio time and rehearsals, we are an active gigging band playing all venues promoters put our way, always looking to support our local music scene and fellow bands.

What are you hoping to achieve from your EP release?

To capture the magic we make in the rehearsal rooms and live on stage, bottle it up like a genie and bring it out at parties when no one is paying attention. We also want to share our music with new people and grow a fan base both locally and nationally.

Why did you start making music?

Because we are all terrible at sports. Also someone once told us girls like musicians… Turns out they only like famous ones.

If your band was a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would it be?

Something that would increase your chance of a heart attack, but in a really good tasty way. The one that makes it painful to breath, but was totally worth it.

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