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Archie Stephen – Elements EP Review

Archie Stephen - ElementsEarlier this year, Archie Stephen released his first professional EP. A set of five synth-pop style electronic tunes that have been a year in the making. For a first try at music making for such a wide scale audience, it is safe to say Stephen has proved he has some serious potential.

The album’s first track Move Over, a collaboration with K.Ji, bodes well for the rest of the collection. Whilst it may not be ground breaking, the artist has proven with this song that he has the fundamentals down. Talent when it comes to putting together the “basics”: rhythm, pace, instrumentals that bring another dynamic to the piece, is certainly important.

Stephen’s work, however, is far from done. As the album plays through, each song seems to be somewhat of a repetition of the last. He has shown that he can do what is asked of him when producing tunes broadly for the electronic genre, but fine tuning his sound into something more stimulating must hopefully be on the horizon for his next release.

As the album’s final track, Jealousy, played, it became increasingly clear that Stephen must produce something that sets him apart from the immense numbers of skillful young musicians currently producing music. That is why audiences save music to listen to again, because it has something more than the basics of any given genre.

No artist produces their best at the very beginning of their career, and that is where Stephen finds himself. He has the foundation, the basic talent and the will to achieve – this release has proved that. These next few years will be important, and Elements has left me excited to see what direction Stephen will take his music in. This is, despite any flaws, a watch this space moment.

Reviewer: Alex Keene
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