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Snapshot – Video Tape Machine

“The sound is electronic retro-future pop. We just love bands like Blancmange, Early Human League, Giorgio Moroder, Vision, Patrick Cowley, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Yazoo through to Goldfrapp. We could go on and on and on…”

Band members:

“Tom Gribby is on vocals. He lives in London and DaDD is on synths. He lives in Mansfield. It’s a real musical commute.”


“I (DaDD) was working on music in the studio a couple of years ago and just happened to see Tom singing on a friends Facebook page. I knew instantly that his voice would work well with what I was working on. We met up shortly after and then hit the studio to start recording and have been ever since.”

Working On:

“We have just released our first single/video ‘Life Gets You Down’ and are in the process of releasing a follow up single/video and an album will follow hopefully in June. We are just putting the finishing touches to the track as we speak.”

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