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Review – Emzae – Lucid Dreaming

Self-produced artist Ezmae is back after almost a year of focusing on playing live gigs. Since 2014 she has been releasing her retro-pop style tunes online, and her newest song Lucid Dreaming, released on May 25th, is no different. But with music that has already been recognised by BBC introducing, there isn’t much reason for Ezmae to stray far from what she clearly knows how to do.

EmzaeEzmae has always been reluctant to attach her music to any genre, swapping in between descriptions of pop, electronica and acoustic. And after listening to her newest release, I can tell why it’s difficult to pin down any specific musical direction for her productions. Melancholy and intercepted with the repetitive mantra “music is for dreams”, the layers of this song certainly mean you have to give it a listen more than once. It isn’t what would come to mind when thinking of traditional pop.

The song, which depicts an artist burning out in pursuit of a musical career, seems to bring together acoustic and downbeat pop vibes in a melodic almost confessional piece. At times, I was left wishing the beat to this tune would pick up a different pace, for the sake of an additional, perhaps more lively, layer to the tune.

A slow build up, permeated by that ever-repeated phrase I mentioned previously, leads into Ezmae’s unmistakable lyrical flow. She is soft spoken, and nothing about this tune is there to shout out to you: I’m left thinking of adding the song to a late summer afternoon playlist, not one to be used for an upcoming party. The background melody does not change, and achieves only a sturdy backdrop for the rest of the song. There is no doubt the lyrics, not the instrumentals, are what this artist meant to be taken away and mulled over.

As it culminates, fading back down into silence instead of utlising that abrupt stop that some artists love, the song doesn’t move away from that of a tune reminding me of slow coachella-style melodies in flower crown wearing weather. And for what Ezmae is trying to achieve here, that fits well. If you’re looking for an anthem to get you up and moving about, this is not the one, but it surely must be at least involved in the discussion of releases perfect for milling about on warm days.

Reviewer: Alexandra Keene
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