Pendulums Fall

Pendulums Fall

We’re on a strange plain somewhere between heavy rock and metal. We take all our metal influences and mix them with Lauren’s pop (ish) vocal to create something unique.

Who’s in the band?

Lauren March – Vocalist, 24. Mother, hair-dye addict (actually putting it on my hair not drinking it or anything daft). Adam Nielson – Drums, 20. Meme-lover (Don’t even get me started on Harambe). Matt Wright – Bass, 26. Owner of a fine ginger beard. Somewhat controversial political views (but he’s polite with it). Tom Offiler – Guitar, 18. Spiritual vegan, very into meditation. Will offer vegan pizza to all and sundry. Harry Blanchard – Guitar, 18. Hair worthy of a L’Oréal advert, Harry is our sex symbol. He even got heckled and giggled at in college the other day.

How long has the band been going?

Just over a year.

How did the band form? Can you give a brief history of the band for people who don’t know?

The band is essentially Adam’s baby, he was the drummer in a previous version of it, if you like, and as the last remaining member he decided to take it and create something better with new members. He reached out to Tom, Harry and Lauren at Clarendon College (we’re all on the Music Performance course there). Finding a bassist was more difficult, due to both ability and people having other commitments. Matt was an old friend of Adam’s, and as soon as we rehearsed with him we knew it was right. I mean, have you seen that beard?!


Pendulums Fall. Live Metal 2 The Masses – Nottingham – Heat 9.
The Maze. 23.03.2017. Not Welcome. YouTube 1080P.
Lauren March – Vocalist. Tom Offiler – Guitars. Adam Neilson – Drums.
Harry Blanchard – Guitars. Matt Wright – Bass.
Filmed Steve Russell.

Posted by Steve Russ on Friday, 28 April 2017

What are you working on at the moment?

We’ve been busy recording over the last few weeks, and now we’re pulling everything together to release our first EP this summer. We’ve been quiet on the gig front because of that, but we have plenty coming up this month and next. We’re taking part in the Live At Your Local competition at The Tap & Tumbler next Sunday (11th June) and we’re on the line up for the Metal Feast (also TnT) on June 17th too. You can also come and support us in a battle of the bands for Macmillan Fest at The Maze on June 25th.

We’re also supporting Stop Stop on the Nottingham leg of their album tour. It’s 2nd July at The Maze. Tickets are £8, and you can DM the band’s twitter or Facebook page if interested!!