The Happy Somethings

The Happy Somethings

Upbeat and independently unpolished with dashes of introspection, cynicism and irony… Tom Robinson described us thus:

“Upbeat, feel good grooving sprinkled with lovely original twists by Derbyshire’s The Happy Somethings who describe themselves as a jangly, fuzzy guitar band but you know, I’d say that’s selling themselves badly short. They’re a great deal more than that.”
(Radio 6 – February 27th 2017)

Who’s in the band?

Happy – guitars, additional vocals Jolly – bass, keyboards, additional vocals Joy – vocals, percussion.

We’re a jangly, fuzzy guitar band from Derbyshire who like to be happy.

How long has the band been going?

About a year.

How did the band form? Can you give a brief history of the band for people who don’t know?

Well, we’ve known of each other for quite some time through other bands around Nottingham/Derbyshire. None of us had been doing anything for the last couple of years and we missed it. But we didn’t miss the hassles and proverbial falling-outs and ‘musical differences’ that we’d all previously endured.

We decided over too many G & T’s that we wanted to have a go at making some music together. And then the next morning over a sobering coffee or two we agreed to not discuss it anymore and that we should just get on and do it. Our main aim is to treat the music, ourselves and each other amiably and have fun.

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re gradually writing and recording material and sharing anything half reasonable that we come up with on soundcloud and other social media outlets.

When we get positive interest – such as being interviewed like this, getting some local and national radio airplay – then our collective energies surge and our child-like creative spirits re-unite and we head off into fun world again. We’re probably ultimately working towards an album’s worth of songs – but none of us are admitting that…



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What’s been your biggest highlight/let down so far?

Being asked to support Robert Smith and getting very excited about being ‘warm-up’ for The Cure… Only to find out that it was ‘A’ Robert Smith not ‘THE’ Robert Smith!