I guess we are rock with indie and alternative influences. I try not to define our genre too much though because that can restrict what music we make- we just work with whatever comes out when I put pen to paper, which at the minute tends to be loud indie stuff.

Who’s in the band?

Josh Hart- Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Will Lomas- Lead Guitar
Kian Irwin- Bass and Backing Vocals
Joe Newton- Drums

How long has the band been going?

A year this summer.

How did the band form? Can you give a brief history of the band for people who don’t know?

Me (Josh) and Joe, the drummer were in a band before that didn’t last long. We started to look for new members straight away, in the end we ended up found that Will, who was the year below me at school, was looking to get in a band and he bought Kian along with him.

We just started off playing arctic monkeys covers and having a laugh at the studio near where we live but I think we all knew right from the start that we wanted to kick on and start gigging. We had our first gig at The Maze in Nottingham last November and we’ve been gigging as much as we can ever since.

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re heading into the studio to record our debut EP early July and we’ll bring it out as soon as we can. It’s been coming for a long time and we’re all buzzed to finally put it together, we’re really excited about the new songs that keep coming through, it seems every track we do betters the one before it. We probably have enough tracks to cover four EP’s which is why it’s been so hard to pick four tracks to put on it, but yeah, we can’t wait till it’s out.