Iain Meyrick

Iain Meyrick

Iain Meyrick

Girl gave him a copy of The Scorpions”World wide live” album around 1985 and he never looked back .

Has only worn Spandex trousers once but they did have tassles . Never had big hair .

Semi pro guitarist .

First band was David Hasselhoff theme band “Poodlehoff” largely obsessed with seafood and lampshades .

Second band was “Filthy Smith” rock and pop covers band known for delivering disco covers in a Metallica stylee and gigging mainly around Newark , Nottinghamshire for 3 years including Fake

Festivals and the annual German cheese and beer festival in grounds of Newark Castle.

First gig to 250 Steel foundry workers most of whom had been advised of redundancy by our singer that day .

During first recording session was told his guitar sounded like a “Buzzsaw” and therefore with regard to his Multi-FX pedal he should “Go home and read the manual” by the studio engineer .

Third band was “The Spanners rock and pop covers band” 5 piece rock and pop covers band.Broke up Dec2014.

Fourth band titled”New band”4 piece rock and pop covers band built a set over 6 months before disbanding due other commitments.

Currently playing with The Cluedo Club band an excellent six piece band and on call for the Mistabeat band in emergencies.

Created”Nottinghamshire jam night”(see Facebook) after reading so much frustration on the joinmyband website regarding timewasters.

Created”Charity record”project Jan 2016.Currently working closely with Cancer Research UK as to how best to use my first ever original recording for fundraising purposes including playing live at Race for life events.

Keen supporter of The Doghouse,Carlton Thursday night music club,the sunday afternoon jam session at The Greyhound,Beeston and the open mic circuit in general.

Side project:”Udder delight”(see Facebook)Nottinghamshire’s premier bovine supergroup.

Website: http://sirgelly.wixsite.com/spanners

Contact via the website please: http://sirgelly.wixsite.com/spanners/contact