Riff Bastard

Riff Bastard

Riff heavy, groove laden no bullshit hard rock \m/ \m/

Who’s in the band?

Gregg Murray – Vocals
Si Aljewicz – Guitars
Scott Bane – Bass
Nick Morris – Guitars
(Currently looking for a new drummer – Get in touch)

How long has the band been going?

We’ve been established since 2012.

How did the band form? Can you give a brief history of the band for people who don’t know?

Nick put an ad up somewhere looking to get a band together and the original members starting rehearsing at The Octave Rooms rehearsal studios back in 2012. Victor the original 2nd guitarist decided he was leaving, I was rehearsing next door with my old band and they all barged in and asked me to join Riff Bastard because they had a gig in less than a week. I couldn’t say no to a band with a name as good as that, plus it was an amazing gig at The Chameleon it was meant to be…

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re currently just about to mix the debut album which is way over due, but it’ll be worth it. We had loads of great shows coming up this year as well but unfortunately our drummer had to leave the band due to other commitments, so we’re currently looking for a new drummer. Get in touch!