A bit of an update about NMN.

Things are still coming together… At first we tried to become everything to everybody in music in any way in Notts.

As more people have spoken to us, and we’ve started to settle into things, our services and objectives have been whittled down a bit in our ongoing mission to bring a useful resource to you.

So here’s the current offering…

We are steadily growing and aim to create a central place for all-things-music in and around Nottinghamshire.

Promoting and supporting local musicians, music related businesses, organisations and individuals, both via this website, the Notts Music Shop, and at upcoming events (check out our first regular event: Nottingham Music Makers).

Membership is completely FREE:

  • You will have a Profile Page on the website, where you can show as much info and as many links as you like.
  • You’ll be part of the directory of all-things-music in Notts.
  • You have the ability to connect with other members directly on the website.
  • You can post to the website – for all members and visitors to see: Post articles, ads, gig notices, news…anything related to music around Notts.
  • Become a vendor and sell your music and merchandise in the Notts Music Shop.
  • Get promoted on the NMN YouTube Channel.
  • See exclusive member-only content on the website.
  • Potentially get access to special discounts or deals with local music retailers, events and more.
  • Invitations to member-only events in the future.

Stay tuned