Things you should be aware of…

Videos are uploaded to the Notts Music Network YouTube Channel only if Notts Music Network has been given permission by the original copyright owner (or the copyright owner’s representative).

Notts Music Network may in the future monetise (include YouTube advertising) on any video on the channel, which is considered a part of our side of the mutual benefit gained from the promotion of your video or videos. You agree to this when you agree to have your video promoted by us, however, it is your right to make a ‘copyright claim’ on the video(s) in order to monetise the video yourself with your own advertising account if you so choose. (More information and instructions will be given here in the near future.)

Every video we upload includes full credit to the original owner, and where available in the original videos’ Description, we copy the information across – including any and all links to your websites and social media etc from the original video’s Description.

These are the basic Copyright Considerations, which will be gradually edited for the sake of making them more detailed and concise during 2017.
Last updated: 02-01-2017